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South By Southwest recognizes that computers are merely tools to help you get the job done.  Because no tool is perfectly suited to due the job, either the tool or the task at hand or both must change.  And even if the perfect tool is found, the business needs will change to keep competitive thus making the tool obsolete over time.

For these reasons, the staff at South By Southwest and their Dynamite resellers must provide knowledgeable support services to the customer.


Technical support, Modifications, Training


Firecracker 500 Club

What began as a typical software update subscription program now includes additional benefits important to our Dynamite customers.  As a member of the Club, you are entitled to automatic notification of system updates, discounts on training and upgrades to new products, and complementary technical support calls.

New purchasers of the Dynamite System are automatically admitted to the Firecracker 500 Club for one year.  For more details, click here.  

Technical Support

There are two types of technical support calls:  those that are the result of the user's inexperience with the Dynamite System and those that report genuine errors in the system.  While many software publishers refuse to talk to you unless they have your credit card number, South By Southwest takes a more realistic approach to solving your problem.

Whenever you spot an obvious system error, we will never charge your account for reporting it.  In fact, we welcome any criticism offered in a constructive manner.  Every current and new Dynamite user will benefit from your contribution.  Correction of system errors requires that you have the latest version of the Dynamite System installed.

Calls requesting advice or information on how to use the system are classified as billable support.  For example, if you are not sure how to properly set up the General Ledger Linking Codes or whether to use Pro's tax table logic, our staff can assist you in that decision.

Billable calls will be charged against your account balance and may result in an invoice to your company at the rate of $50 per incident.  Dynamite customers may purchase support in advance at the reduced rate of $250 for six incidents.  Members of the Firecracker 500 Club receive four free support calls per year. 

Custom System Modifications

Because there is no perfectly-suited software program to meet every service company's needs, our Dynamite System was written as an "open" system.  That is, you can modify the code and data to meet your specific requirements.  The database structures are clearly documented permitting the easy creation of new data fields and manipulation of existing data "through the back door."

South By Southwest will support your custom modification in any of three ways:

Problem solving -- Usually short term in nature.  Based upon our knowledge of the Dynamite Software and your industry, we can usually recommend an acceptable  methodology for solving the challenge at hand.  This activity would be covered under the complementary support calls included with your Firecracker 500 Club Membership.  Nonmembers would be charged $150 for each problem solving session.

Design and Programming -- If a modification is recommended during the problem solving session above, you have the option of making the change yourself, contracting with your Dynamite Reseller, or contracting with South By Southwest to enhance the system.  The advantages of having us make a modification is that it will become a standard feature of the system and included with subsequent system upgrades.  Depending upon our workload, we can usually execute an enhancement request very quickly.  This activity is either billed at our currently hourly rate of $150 or on a flat fee basis.

Design Consulting -- When a modification is so extensive or so unique that it would change the nature of the Dynamite System, South By Southwest would not agree to get involved with any system modifications.  We would, however, offer guidance to your local developer as to how best accomplish your goals.  Depending upon the time commitment, this consulting role will either be classified as Problem Solving or be billable at our current hourly rate.


Training Classes

One of the most cost effective methods of learning how to use Dynamite is to attend a workshop with other Dynamite users.  Each workshop is two hours in length and is geared toward the end user.  Resellers are invited to attend but any highly technical questions are dealt with off line.

Four training workshops are conducted each month throughout the year depending upon demand.  Curriculum and location information can be found here.  


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