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The most flexible, efficient, technically advanced, and cost effective service software available for the pool service industry.  Period.


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Keep track of cleaning crew time, chemicals, and other material costs.  Offset those costs against monthly contract billings for customer profitability reporting.


Plan an installation project, create proposals, and create progress invoices.  Compare original plan against actual results for on going feedback.


Trouble calls quickly logged and dispatched to field personnel via e-mail phones or PDA units.  Track all costs associated with the repair including drive time.


Monthly contract invoices automatically created with a single click of the mouse.  Repair and installation invoicing created during or after each job.  All revenue and expenses can automatically be posted to any of six standard accounting systems.  This integration is real time with no double keying required.  Dynamite utilizes the customer and inventory data bases from those systems and creates invoices back in their system.  For detail integration information, please refer to the accounting integration page.


Any of the more than 100 system reports can be modified with minimal technical expertise.  Dynamite can even display its screens and reports in Spanish and French in addition to English depending upon individual operator preferences.  Dynamite takes advantage of Internet and wireless technologies to bring critical information to your field repairmen and customers.


Repair orders can be opened in 15 seconds including a full check of the customer's credit status.  The user guide is more than 300 pages of full color screen shots and descriptions and is designed to be viewed from any networked station with a click of the mouse.

Technically Advanced

Not only does our e-Dynamite product enable your customers and remote repairmen access to the Dynamite Service information but our new AirDynamite solution enables Dynamite functionality on wireless PDAs.

Cost Effective

Typical customers cover their acquisition costs in under a year do to better cost control, elimination of lost revenue, and improved cash flow.  With Dynamite you get much more than you pay for.

Keep 'em happy this summer!


System Overview

The Dynamite Service System for the Pool Industry includes hundreds of features.  Click here for a brief overview.  We're sure you'll be asking for more so we can even arrange for a live system demo.  Call our office at 760-751-1111 to schedule a 30 minute session with no obligation.


Product Configurations

Four different DynaPool configurations are available:

SOHO Version

This configuration is ideal for very small offices and home offices.  It includes all of the necessary service management functions at a budget price.  The price of this single-user version is only $995 and includes all of the following:

Service order processing
Repairman scheduling and calendars
Subcontracted repairs
Customer invoicing
Contracts with automatic invoicing
Free software updates and included enhancements for one year
Two Internet training classes


Premium Version

This configuration is ideal for smaller offices with the need for access by multiple users.  It includes all of the necessary service management functions plus additional productivity enhancements at a very fair price.  This multi-user version includes the following:

Everything included in the SOHO Version plus...
Equipment rentals
Customer prospecting
Mail list maintenance
Maintenance records for your service vehicles
Credit card authorization interface (separate software required)
E-mailing to customers and technicians
PDF compatible file creation
Automated journal entries to: Quick Books Pro, Simply Accounting, Turning Point
Additional user connections for only $500 each


Integrated Premium Version

Ideal for any organization with the need to integrate to an industry standard accounting system.  This integration enables Dynamite to directly use that system's Customer, Inventory, and Invoicing databases.  It includes all of the features outlined above plus the real time integration any of the following systems:

Accounting System

ACCPAC Advantage 4.2 and above
ACCPAC Pro Series 5.0 and above
ACCPAC Vision Point 10
AccountMate 5.0 and above
RedWing Turning Point 2.0
TIW Alere
(Prices do not include accounting software)


Optional Features

Designed for medium- to large-sized organizations with much larger data volumes including the integration to industry standard accounting systems.  Includes all of the above plus:

Dynamite MS SQL database
Integration to ACCPAC Advantage 5.0+, ACCPAC Pro Series 7.2+, or AccountMate 5.0+ with MS SQL databases
Source Code for the Dynamite System
e-Dynamite Web Site solution with full HTML code, unlimited users
DynaTech laptop solution for field technicians
Private, customized Internet training classes 



Call to schedule an on-line demo or to ask questions:  760-751-1111.


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