New System Features

Version 6.9 is now available for download from our web site: Exciting new features include:

Dynamite now ships with the Head Fix Utility licensed from Hilco software. This utility will repair common data base corruptions and supports both Fox Pro 2.6 and Visual Fox Pro files. All customers may use this utility for their own use.

All of the above features are included at no extra charge and may be downloaded by customers with paid subscriptions. For those of you not familiar with our download facility, please call our office for current access codes.


Launch ‘99 a Hugh Success

This year’s SBT reseller conference was held on October 4 - 7, 1998 in San Rafael, CA. This year’s event promised to be the best ever and we weren’t disappointed.

South By Southwest sponsored an exhibit and announced two major enhancements to the Dynamite software family.


Welcome Aboard!

A special welcome is extended to all new Dynamite installations:

From computer services to lawn sprinkler repair to manufacturer warranty coverages, Dynamite 2000 makes the grade.


Year 2000 Heads Up

If you are running SBT Pro 3.0 or earlier, you will need to upgrade before attempting to post to any period in your fiscal year 2000. The General Ledger records for 2000 are created when you close FY98. For example, if your fiscal year ended on July 31st, data records for fiscal year 2000 will be created when you close the year ending July 31, 1998. DO NOT post any transactions with the effective date of August 1, 2000 or beyond until you upgrade to Y2K-ready software.

If you are running Vision Point Series 8 or lower, you should upgrade to Vision Point 2000. Even though you do not have to upgrade immediately, DON’T WAIT until the last minute. The typical

SBT reseller is busier than ever and their workload is only getting worse. Experienced SBT technicians may not be available to help if you wait until the last minute to upgrade. TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT!


Current SBT Versions Supported

Dynamite Version 6.0 and above is certified for use with SBT Professional 5.0. Dynamite must be ordered specifying the Visual Fox Pro 5.0 platform.

Dynamite 2000 is also compatible with other SBT versions including Vision Point, VP2000, Professional Series 2.5, 3.0i, and 3.2i. Further, DY2000 is compatible with DOS versions of these SBT products.


New Products Announced

South By Southwest announced several new products at the SBT reseller conference.


A scaled down version of our Dynamite Service System has been designed for use by field technicians using a laptop computer. It is designed to be fast, trouble free, and extremely easy to use. Dyna-Tech has only two entry screens, no menus, and not index files! It’s simple yet the technician has a data base of his assigned service orders that can be referenced, annotated, and charges entered. His complete inventory is included assuming that the central office is running SBT Pro.

A facility has been included in Dynamite to extract each technician’s orders and then import them back into the main system. Dyna-Tech can even interface to battery-operated printers.

Dyna-Tech is attractively priced and is available at special introductory rates until the end of the year.


Where should you look for your next sale? Perhaps the local Chamber of Commerce or a focused direct mail campaign? Maybe a Super Bowl TV ad or a NASCAR sponsorship? There’s a much cheaper solution. Target your existing customers!

You’ve been running SBT for more than a few years and have recorded thousands of line item sales to hundreds of customers. Why not tap that historical data base and use it for marketing?

Dyna-Sale analyzes your sales history and will help focus a sales campaign. For example, suppose you want to increase sales of service contracts. The best people to target might be those that have purchased major systems or upgrades during the past three years. Another campaign could be designed for those customers who have never purchased a service contract before.

Dyna-Sale can extract both of these lists and more. It can generate calling lists, data bases for fax broadcasting, and even generate pro forma SBT sales orders. These sales orders can be easily manipulated and include a record of all past purchases plus additional items targeted for sale. Each salesman is responsible for their own set of customers and can create SBT sales orders for regular processing.

This system is available as a stand-alone system or can be combined with Dynamite 2000. It requires the SBT Sales Order module in addition to the Accounts Receivable and Inventory modules. Introductory prices are in effect until the end of the year.


Gift Items Now Available

Our award winning hot sauce is now available for promotional events. If you’re a reseller conducting a sales seminar, customer demos, or other similar event, call our office and we’ll send you some custom labeled Dynamite Hot Sauce.

Our Dynamite logo can now be embroidered onto almost any item of clothing for only $10. We recently had polo shirts and even a Levi’s jacket customized. You supply the article of clothing and we’ll get it stitched for you.