New System Features

Version 5.3.3 is now available for download from our web site: Several exciting new features are included:

All of these features are included at no extra charge and may be downloaded by customers with paid subscriptions. Please note that the paging feature requires an alpha paging service and its associated software from PageNet or other provider.

Current SBT Versions Supported

Dynamite 2000 is compatible with current SBT versions including Vision Point, VP2000, Professional Series 2.5, 3.0i, and 3.2i. Further, DY2000 is compatible with DOS versions of SBT even though it is strictly a Windows product. Support for the new Pro 5.0 is underway.

If a Dynamite customer wishes to stay in the DOS world, we support versions 6.3, 7, Vision Point, VP2000, and Pro 2.5 and above. No enhancements are planned for our DOS version.

Welcome Aboard!

A special welcome is extended to all new Dynamite installations.

From computer services to lawn sprinkler repair to manufacturer warranty coverages, Dynamite 2000 makes the grade. Who will be our next customer?

Current Pricing

The price for Dynamite 2000 is $1,000 for a 5-user compiled license for Vision Point and $2,000 for a 5-user compiled license for SBT Pro. Additional 5-user licenses are $500 and source code is available for an additional $1,000.

Despite the addition of the new features listed above, the price remains unchanged.

SBT News

Version 3.2 of the Professional Series is now shipping. This new product fully supports year 2000 dating and the upgrade path from version 3.0 is a breeze.

Version 5.0 is under development and is targeted for a fall release. (There is no version 4.) This product will be based upon Microsoft's Visual Fox Pro 5.0. (They skipped version 4 too!) This product is anticipated by everyone in the reseller community. More details will follow.

Depending upon your individual needs, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to either Pro 3.2 or 5.0 well in advance of the year 2000. If you are running Vision Point or Series 6 or 7, you should upgrade to Vision Point 2000. Don't wait until the last minute. The sooner you upgrade, the sooner you can smile at those still struggling with the January 1, 2000 challenge.

SBT Launch 98

South By Southwest will again be exhibiting at the annual SBT Reseller convention in July in San Francisco. Our door prize this year will be a new Plymouth Prowler.

We will also be showing all the latest features of our Dynamite Service System at a special vendor presentation, time to be announced.

A Dynamite reseller meeting will also be held at Launch. The topics to be covered are secret so you'll have to attend to find out all the good stuff. No, we're not giving away a new Prowler; just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Insider's Usage Tip...

Dynamite contains advanced features that many users are not initially aware of. After using the system for a few months, most people are ready to start investigating additional features.

Equipment ID usage

The title does not really describe what it's function is. Some think of the Equipment ID as the job site, the contract number, the equipment serial number, or even the SBT ship-to address.

In actuality, it is all of those. A customer has one or more of them. It is the physical location of where the equipment is and where the technician is supposed to go.

Individual pieces of equipment can also be identified for each Equipment ID. For example, a customer can have two Payne air conditioners in their house so you can identify each one with the serial number and model number. During the opening of the service order, your dispatcher can tag the individual component and, depending upon the service order report version, that component will be highlighted. Further, you will be able to see a complete history of all service calls for that component.

If a customer has two Equipment Ids, the individual components can be moved from one to the other. This is really handy if the customer is a large organization with multiple buildings or departments.

Third Party Billing

Occasionally, work is done for a customer and, instead of sending an invoice directly to them, it needs to be sent to another organization. The third party might be the company's parent corporation, a manufacturer paying for a warranty repair, or the owner of an apartment building.

Proposal Writing

Dynamite now has the ability to print proposals directly from the system. To accomplish this, open up a new service order and change the Type to a Proposal or Project.

Enter the estimated charges in as much detail as desired. This feature enables basic job costing functionality. Go to the Charges/Costs screen for that service order and change the charge type to an Estimate. Then enter your detail lines.

Enter the proposal text in the order's problem field. You can type the text directly into this field or use a word processor. To use an external word processor, enter the text as desired and run the spell checker. Mark the text as a block and copy it to your Window's clipboard. Edit the Proposal and Dynamite will recognize that there is something in the clipboard. You can then choose to paste the text into the problem area.

Finally, print the proposal using the option under Action Items.