New System Features

Version 7.3 is now available for download from our web site: Exciting new features include:

All of the above features are included at no extra charge and may be downloaded by customers with current software subscriptions. For those of you not familiar with our download facility, please call our office for current access codes.

As you can see, our Dynamite Service System is being continually enhanced and improved.


Dynamite Spanish Version

South By Southwest has entered into an agreement with Business Dynamics of Buenos Aires, Argentina to develop a Spanish version of our popular Dynamite Service System.

This SBT Distributor in South America will be translating all screens and reports for use by their customers. Business Dynamics is also authorized to resell their converted version throughout South and Central America. A hearty welcome to Francisco Nelson and the rest of the Business Dynamics family!

Welcome Aboard!

A special welcome is extended to all our new Dynamite installations:

From computer services to lawn sprinkler repair to manufacturer warranty coverages, Dynamite 2000 makes the grade.


Technical Support Enhanced

We have informally supported weekend reseller activities during the past two years but now offer enhanced weekend availability for the remainder of 2000.

If you plan on working with Dynamite over a weekend or holiday, please contact our office prior to the date in question to reserve support time. Unscheduled requests for assistance will be responded to as time permits.

Our staff will monitor telephone and E-Mail messages throughout the weekend.

All reseller technical support continues to be provided without charge. Support packages for end users are also available on a fee basis.

Countdown to Number 200

We are getting close to shipping copy number 200 of our Dynamite Service System. When we reached copy number 100 in August of 1997, Jodie Robertshaw of Strategic Business Systems in Chantilly, Virginia was awarded a framed $100 bill. Rumor has is that she spent it on the way home.

To mark the sale of our 200th copy, both the reseller and their customer will be awarded framed $100 bills. I=m sure they could both be convinced to hold onto the cash (at least for 24 hours)!

Your next order could be the one! We expect to profile the winner in our next newsletter.

Year 2000 Heads Up

If you are running SBT Pro 3.0 or earlier, you will need to upgrade before attempting to post to any period in your fiscal year 2000.

If you are running Vision Point Series 8 or lower, you should upgrade to Vision Point 2000 without further delay. The typical SBT reseller is busier than ever and their workload is only getting worse. Experienced SBT technicians may not be available to help if you wait until the last minute to upgrade. TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT!

Current SBT Versions Supported

Dynamite Version 6.0 and above is certified for use with SBT Professional 5.0. Dynamite must be ordered specifying the Visual Fox Pro 5.0 platform.

Dynamite 2000 is also compatible with other SBT versions including Vision Point, VP2000, Professional Series 2.5, 3.0i, and 3.2i. Further, DY2000 is compatible with DOS versions of these SBT products.

Field Service System Shipping

A scaled down version of our Dynamite Service System has been designed for use by field technicians using a laptop computer. Dyna-Tech is designed to be fast, trouble free, and extremely easy to use. It has only two entry screens, no menus, and no index or memo files! The technician has a database of his assigned service orders that can be referenced, annotated, and charges entered. His complete inventory is included if the central office is running SBT Pro.

A facility has been included in the Dynamite Service System to extract open orders and upload them to your web site. Sample html code that validates technician access is included. After the technician is finished for the day, the orders are uploaded back to the web site and then imported back into the main Dynamite system. Dyna-Tech can even interface to battery-operated printers.

Dyna-Tech is attractively priced and is available at volume discounts. For up to 10 copies the price is $150 each and only $75 for each copy over 10.

Gift Items Now Available

Our award winning hot sauce is now available for promotional events. If you’re a reseller conducting a sales seminar, customer demonstration, or other similar event, order our custom labeled Dynamite Hot Sauce. It is available to resellers in limited quantities. All you pay for is the shipping!

Our Dynamite logo can now be embroidered onto almost any item of clothing for only $10. We recently had polo shirts and even a Levi=s jacket customized. You supply the article of clothing and we’ll get it stitched for you.

Free Denim Shirt Available

The first person to call can claim a long sleeve denim men=s shirt purchased from L.L. Bean which is too large for any of our staff. It is size XL with a 46-48 chest, 40-43 waist, 17-17.5 neck, and a 35-36 arm.

Oh yes, the shirt has already been embroidered with our Dynamite Logo!