The Firecracker 500 Club



Limited to 500 members, this exclusive club provides extensive benefits to itís members.  Open to all users of the Dynamite Service System, members enjoy benefits previously unheard of in the computer software industry.


Member Benefits

While the list is extensive, more benefits will be added over time. Current benefits include:

  1. Free Dynamite System updates when you choose to download them; a value of up to $4,000.
  2. Two complementary technical support phone calls or E-Mails; a value of $300.
  3. Bi-monthly issues of DY-Computes including the annual County Fair Recipe issue; priceless.


Qualifications for Membership

There are only two requirements for membership.  First, you must have purchased a Dynamite software license and have returned the registration form.  Corporations that have purchased multiple copies of Dynamite must purchase separate memberships for each installed location but the additional memberships are available at a reduced rate.

Secondly, the annual membership fee must be paid in advance.  The annual membership fee is 15% of the current single user list price of your Dynamite configuration.


Automatic Memberships

Customers will be notified automatically when it is time to renew.


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